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Total Uploads: 436

Dressing Room, Took over spare room and made it into my dressing room!, Closets Design
empty closet space into "dressing room", Moved into a new home that had a huge walk in closet in the master.  Builder wanted $2100 to put up wire racks up in all the closets.  I used all that money to build MDF closets in all the closets myself.  I never came close to spending that much money, and I netted much, much more storage space.  I had never made drawers before, so that was the most time consuming/hardest part.  The experience did help me with the garage cabinets.  California closets would have charged about $12,000 for this., Closets Design
Jayce Space- The fun baby place!, Yes- it's a medium sized walk-in closet. Living on a budget meant we had to downsize our living space a lot. So in our new apartment-we managed to make a safe and fun room out of our closet for our son. I also like this because he's right by me at night, so I'm only steps away from him.

Okay- so we lowered the front facing wall shelf, and secured it with better tools. I wanted to ensure everything was baby safe, including his habit of pulling things!
Then I picked a theme and had a little fun. It's still underway- such as the Nasa sign, the bordering and storage. But this isn't permant, just a temporary place. 
(Tip* Removing the closet door is ideal! Replace the door with a curtain ((Or two)) that way it's more open and you're letting in air! We connected the ac/heater vent into the closet- costed us $50.

or a fan will do! We used that until we got the vent. It's honestly a good way to give your baby is own little play area that isnt in your small room or living room! :P), Closets Design
Extended/remodeled master closet, Upgrded/extended closet, Closets Design
Classy Closet, Closet with a victorian contemporary feel!, Closets Design
Is my fridge considered a cold closet, This is my fridge. I am not sure if this is the right place to share this space but I hope you like it., Closets Design

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