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309 Results for "Easter"

Easter Tablescape 2012, Holidays Design
Kids room: A Motorcycle Camping Trip , We  worked on getting our old house torn apart and put back together  and it of course took longer than we hoped it might. In the midst of that our youngest son  was about to begin pre-school and the school that he would attend has a practice of sending the teacher to each  child's home before school  begins in order to visit with the child and the family and to take  a picture of the child in their room so that they would have a picture  to remind them of home when they started school. That was all fine and well except our son's room was in the process of being demolished and reconstructed when I heard about this  visit. Fortunately I had some lead time.  
Our son's room was being constructed in a  section of what had been the attic. It was a wreck, literally. Since his room was the last bedroom to come together we let him choose what he wanted his room to be. I was a little surprised when he said that he wanted "a motorcycle bedroom".  Oh, okay!   My husband and I both ride motorcycles and  when our son was old enough to ride, we put a sidecar on my cycle and our son went with us all the time on rides.  He loved it!  I didn't realize how much until he asked for a motorcycle room. Okay  so how to do that? I thought about making it like a carousel with motorcycles substituted for horses painted on the walls but the problem was that once the furniture went in the  cycles would be at least partially covered.  And such a design would be quickly outgrown.  I didn't want it to be so juvenile  that he would outgrow the design in a year or two. This meant then that some degree of  photorealism has to be mastered to survive the transition to the tween years.  After a few weeks of sketching  ideas out on  paper  I figured out a plan. I would do a motorcycle camping trip  situated in  the  beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains  where I spent many summers of my life in camps. I thought it would make for a beautiful setting for his motorcycle camping trip room. I hired a high school student who was masterful at drawing and painting motorcycles.  He and I  worked on the room together for about three months. He painted the motorcycles and the details of the trees,  the country  store  and the large stones and boulders. I painted the sky and clouds,  the creek , floor grass, and designed and constructed the  furniture and camp fire rug. The rug is kind of fun. When one lifts it out of place by the bedside there are glowing embers that are painted on the floor as if the fire is going out.
 I set about finding a tent that was easy to get in and out of and that would not encourage claustrophobia.  It also needed to hold a twin size bed that was close to the size of a twin  bed.  My  husband and I built a bed platform  that would allow us to put the mattress inside the tent.   In our house we have a tradition of having an angel  placed somewhere discretely in each room. For the angel for this room I used glow in the dark transparent  paint  and painted an angel in the sky over the bed. It is hardly visible by day  but when the lights go out there are tiny stars in the sky and a beautiful angel  hovering just above our son's bed. He was NEVER afraid to sleep in his room with his angel on duty. She glows for at least 30 minutes which was  plenty of time for him to fall asleep. The angel is difficult to  photograph  but I MAY have  picture that gives some idea of the image.  " A River Runs Through It"  was a good movie I thought, so I figured  that for this room a creek  should run through it. I spent  more time than I'd like to recall painting the pebbles in the creek. The student who painted the motorcycles, and who is a MUCH better painter than I, painted two  fish  swimming in the creek among the pebbles. The night stand beside the bed  is a  tree stump. The large tree is actually a book case. The bolder is a dresser.    The corner armoire was painted to blend into the room.  In the end the room is a full mural. Walls ceiling and floor. Even the furnishings were integrated.  We used images of Harley Davidson motorcycles that have been in our family over the generations. My husband's grandfather rode one in WWII. My father had Harleys pretty  much for as long as I can recall. I grew up riding motorcycles and learned to ride on my dad's Harley that had a side car. It was yellow and is distinguishable in the mural if you look closely.  My husband and I each ride  our own  bikes and they are depicted  in the mural as well. There are two tents in the back ground that  symbolize both sides of our families. They are "down the hill" from our son's tent.   A nod to the  connection of family over generations. We let him spend weeks picking out his dream  motorcycle and then had his bike of choice painted behind his tent (bed).  The rest of the cycles  in the  mural  are pictures of Harleys that were at one time or other  ridden by  my husband's grandfather, my  father, or by one of us.  , Boys' Rooms Design
Chocolate Easter Table , The inspiration came from the faux bunnies found at Joann's and the cream bowls from TJ Maxx. The rest are all items I had, I just stuck with the green, brown and cream color theme and tried to alternate the colors with the plates., Dining Rooms Design
Happy Organic Easter to You!, This year's Easter tablescape in our home will be all about organic colors, textures, fabrics and materials.  I always lean toward the neutrals, earth tones and/or monochromatic color schemes, and wanted to keep it again in a neutral palette for my Easter tablescape.  Do you know how hard it is to find "beige" eggs for your Easter decor?!  lolol  Happy Easter to all of you!, Holidays Design
Laundry Day Liveable?, Tight space no storage what to do?  Well if I HAVE to do the wash I had to make it more tolerable?!  The cat was even getting bored!, Other Spaces Design
JC's Blue and Brown Surf Nursery, This is my son's nursery.  I wanted something that he could grow into and not a "tradition" themed nursery.  This is a repost.  I added a few more details and changed around pictures.  Thanks for all the comments., Nurseries Design

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