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Restoring an Old Structure: Avoid Making These 5 Common Mistakes?, Old houses are gems, but preserving them is indeed a hefty task. But by understanding and knowing the common mistakes that we make while repairing them, we can increase the longevity of the house. Here’s what masonry contractors in Hinsdale say about this.

Old houses are symbols of antiquity and vintage pride. And, you’re surely a lucky fellow if you’ve got an old house to yourself. But they must also be maintained very properly and efficiently otherwise you may have to shell out hefty amounts from your pockets for its regular updo. 
In this article, we shall provide you a list of those common mistakes which you make often and, hence, not only lower the longevity of the house but also ravish your pockets—

1) No More Cheap Paints

Paints not only make the house look better, but also protect the house against a lot of climatic hazards. So, choose the paint properly. Invest in good quality paint. If you’re hiring professionals for the job, keep a track of the paints they buy. Do your homework, and if possibly ask them the amount of paints they’ll need to do the house, and likewise, buy them yourself. 

2) Prim and Prep the Walls Properly

No matter how much better paints you buy, if you’re walls are not prepared properly, then be prepared to see flaky paints in no time. Before you start painting, scale off the old paints and dust the wall properly off any dirt or dust. Then prime your walls with a good quality primer before painting them anew.

3) No Waterproof Exteriors

Waterproof exteriors may be “in” now, but for residential purposes those are better be avoided. Instead, you may use mineral silicate paints which not only transmit around 90% of the internal water vapor but also make the house much more durable than their waterproof counterparts.

4) Using the Wrong Mortal

Before painting your house, you must make it a point to learn the art of mixing mortars. There are two kinds of mortars available—lime and Portland cement—and, no matter which you’re using, you must make it a point to learn the directions for use before using them straightway.
5) No Waterproof Interiors

If you think waterproof interiors will prevent damps to seep in, then you’re wrong. Instead, the water gets accumulated in the masonry foundation walls and wrecks havoc on the building. There are some simple techniques by which you can solve this problem., Home Exterior Design
Need Help on Exterior Paint, We just bought this house and don't move in until Sept.  I need help on front door color. I may add window shutters too.  This house is 8 miles from the Gulf with a bay nearby.  It's heavily shaded with Southern live oaks.  The brick is mottled with a little bit of red.  I don't remember if red is a brown red or maroonish.  The storm door is common here as added protection against hurricanes, so it will stay.  Ignore the deer - they're outta there!, Home Exterior Design
Exterior of Home Needs HELP!, HELP! I want to update my dated 1971 house, but I don't want to try and fool people into thinking it's a new house. I just want a more artsy, cottagey, hip look that doesn't cost a lot. I am a gardener, so the planter boxes that are built in will stay, but I am going to have my handyman remove a portion in front of the door, so I can make a path way through the center of the yard to the street. Additionally, my yard will be filled with more trees, fruit trees specifically and will have more garden space. For the exterior, my handyman will be removing the cheap paneling on the top portion of the house and hanging new faux shutters- perhaps the vertical slat style. I am thinking either an all glass door or a door with paneled windows (square) at the top- to let more light in. I'm thinking red door, maybe coal colored shutters, white trim and white trim around door- All block will be painted- maybe one additional color on the block line directly beneath the windows. I'm just not sure what body color for the house- but I want it to go with the grey roof. I'm not married to any color ideas, except I prefer cool and neutral tones and nothing too nuts. I'm really bad at choosing paint colors- so I appreciate any and all advice from those with more skill than I. My neighborhood is mainly beige, so I'd really like to make a little bit of a statement. Thank you!, Home Exterior Design
Front Door Color, Our front doors need so sprucing up, and I need help with what colors would look really great., Home Exterior Design
Home Exterior, Home Exterior Design
Front Door Colour, Need some help with front door colour ideas! I usually use Benjamin Moore or Behr. I have lime green adirondack chairs, terra cotta stone in garden. Brick is a light beige with a slight yellow tinge. Wine colour isn't too bad but since I need cushions, mat etc thought I would paint. A lot of people are painting black but thinking I would like a colour, drawn to warm fall tones, looking at rusty nail, terra cotta pot I put outside looks good with the brick. Need to purchase an outdoor mat, waiting until I find the right colour. Thought I could get cushions with burgundy, terra cotta, lime green and some beige tones maybe a print? Tree needs a good trim! Thank you for your suggestions!, Home Exterior Design

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