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Decorate your walls with colored textures using faux painting, There are many alternatives to simple wall painting techniques these days. And amid all the other techniques, faux finishing, which adds various textures to your walls is a style that is gaining popularity by the day. 

Faux painting requires applying different glazes to the wall, in order to achieve a textured surface that’s far more pleasing and creative than other painting procedures. Painting services Chicagohave mastered the art of faux and decorative printing techniques. Painting contractors Chicago take up job orders for faux painting home interiors and expand the concept of colors indoors. 

By using your inspiration as source (if you have a suggestion) or otherwise thriving on their experience, painting contractors can transform your home’s surface into an appealing and visually stunning décor with simple faux painting techniques.
Faux painting is used to create textures and depth in the room walls. Professional painters are expert at a large variety of faux painting techniques, which create a wide effect for your home. Painting contractors Lincoln Park for example, will have a team of skilled faux painting professionals who would be apt in delivering to any kind of design you demand. 

So, if your home needs faux finishing, contact a painting contractor and be certainthat you will get the best advice and assistance in choosing the perfect color and texture to set the mood as you enter the room. 

Painting contractors from Park Ridge recently listed out a few things every faux painter should know before starting a faux finishing job to be completely satisfied with the finished product: 

• A painting contractor must know the scale of the job
• Should be familiar with the surface to be painted
• Should be versed with physical elements including lighting and flooring

Beauty of faux painting

There is large choice in the variety of faux painting techniques – it can be done on all kinds of surfaces including stone, wood and POP. Faux finishes can range from stand-out to subtle. So, if you want to faux paint your room to look anything like it has looked before – contact an expert painting contractor today., Home Offices Design
My Glam Study, My glitzy redecorated study, Home Offices Design
Home Office / Sitting Area off of Master Bedroom, We needed a private office so added a room to the back off our house - off of the master bedroom, Home Offices Design
5 Painting Tips to Paint like a Pro for Chicago Dwellers, Painting your home like a pro is not a mammoth task. It just needs some basic guidelines, knowledge and a little experience.

A fresh coat of paint can make your home look pretty and nice for a long time. By keeping a few tips in mind, your paint job can look as good as a pro. Paint can be broadly classified into water based latex and alkyd which is oil based. The former is very easy to clean with mild soap and water. It has very little odor and stays on for a long period of time. The alkyd paints need a thinner to clean up. But most professional painting contractors in Chicago prefer the alkyd variety as it is resistant to stains, more durable and easy to apply.

You might choose any of them just remember that alkyd won’t go on latex and vice versa. Read on to know some tips for painting – 

1. Always Use a Primer

You might be tempted to skip the primer, but you will surely regret it later. Primer ensures that the paint goes on a smooth surface and also bonds strongly with the wall. The true color of the paint only comes out when used after a primer job.

2. Try All the Pro Tricks

If you want your paint job to look like a pro, then paint like one. Get an edge pad for clean edges and corners. Ensure to tape off all surfaces to minimize drippings.

3. Ensure That the Paint Sticks

Paint will stick the best to a well prepared wall. Ensure that the wall is absolutely clean, has no traces of gloss and in good condition, before you start painting.

4. Buy a Gallon At One Time

House painting experts in Chicago suggests that a home maker should buy a gallon of paint for every 400 square feet. If the walls are going to have texture or faux effect then more paint will be needed.

5. Plan Panting On A Dry Day Or The Summer Months

Painting done on a moist or humid day, will take long to dry. Always plan a paint job on a dry and sunny day so that the paint dries up evenly and quickly., Home Offices Design
residential cleaning services, Residential cleaning services everything a person needs
Cleaning has been handed over to the cleaners and has become a huge responsibility for them to keep the offices clean. Nobody has the time to clean their houses and offices with care and in detail. Every allergens, rodents, dust particles and mites get into the nooks and crannies and are often difficult to remove single handedly. If people need to get over this chaos then there are only 2 options which include hiring a professional or cleaning the entire house everyday alone., Home Offices Design
Self Storage Industry Facts, Self storage industry in the United States has been booming at a screaming rate. Between the years 2000 to 2005, there were over 3,000 storage facilities built every year in the country. The size of the storage industry in US is bigger than the size of the Manhattan Island. According to estimates, one out of ten households take rental self storage units. 

Self-storage facilities can be hired by both individuals and businesses. Some of the most common sizes of storage units hired are 5X5, 5X10 and 5X15. Individuals use storage units to keep their household goods such as seasonal clothing and other goods. Apart from household goods, many use storage units for keeping their vehicles while they are not in the country. Businesses use self storage units for keeping their office inventory, documents, furniture among many other goods in storage units. 

Some of the reasons for people to hire self storage space are: 

Outdoor parking for storing RVs and boats
Alarms on individual storage units
Complimentary use of dollies and furniture carts
Complimentary use of moving vans
Elevators for multi-storied facilities
Drive-up loading docks and access to outside units 
Automatic entry with computerized access
Surveillance cameras and monitoring stations

Visit:, Home Offices Design