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Total Uploads: 4,768

No human enjoyment, Picture says a million words plus two 90 lb labs, Yards Design
My Nasty Yard, My front and back yards need massive help!, Yards Design
Desert Surprise, This is not a space that you find in Las Vegas often. Designed for an airline crew member' who is gone months at a time. International flair in this yard space with plenty of entertainment value., Yards Design
Backyard, We just moved into a beautiful home with a large backyard in need of help. We have a very minimal budget and would like something to be able to entertain and low maintenance.
 We need some help and suggestions.  :), Yards Design
My Railroad Themed Garden Project, I restored a real railroad crossing signal with working lights and bell a few months ago. I wanted to put it in my backyard, but I new it would look strange just standing by itself. I love comming up with creative ideas, so i decided to make railroad theamed garden project out of it. I first worked on making the tracks, which I found most of the materials in hardware stores. The tracks are made from metal fence posts,decking fasteners and cedar planks.Next, the walkways were made by using cedar planks mounted on 2x2s. and filled in between with colored pea gravel, which is held in by cedar edging. Then just finished it off by adding stone,multch,plants and flowers. I also restored a switch track light that lights up. Then I wired up both RR lights and bell, which work by remote.
 I finally finished my project by adding a personalized sign, which I found on ebay. 
    I have gotten many people asking me when I am going to build a train to fit on the tracks or adding on a train station. LOL!!!  I tell them maybe next year. If i do decide to add anything on i will post future pics. 
 Well it did'nt take but one day to add on to my project. I have put a 1930s restored parking meter, along with a RR sign and old wood planter, by the side of my garage. You wiil see this first before entering the RR garden (see new pics.  I also added some more detailed pictures of the RR garden., Yards Design
HELP! Our backyard went from beautiful to destroyed....., We bought this house for it's beautiful backyard views, but it was destroyed in November of 2013 by a massive storm that hit Southwest Michigan. 9 trees were either uprooted or broken/fallen. 4 more dead trees. It was a long, harsh, & snowy winter, but we just spent a pretty penny on clean up. Left with a lot of work to do & even more money to spend to make it our dream space again. HELP us figure out how to make it lovely again on a budget, & quickly!, Yards Design

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