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4,303 Results for "boring"

Bonus Room Boredom, How boring!  This 16 X 14 bonus room is the only space in our house that we can't seem to make our own, yet it's where we spend the majority of our time together!  It lacks style, has very little functionality and is just plain drab.  We feel that the rest of our house has the style, comfort, and openess that we want to project but this room is where we spend our down time together with our lovable border collie, Panda.  The trouble is that the room is located immediately at the top of the stairs so it's the first room you see.  The challeng is that it's oddly shaped with vaulted ceilings, two windows on one wall, and a closet on the other.  It's definitely a decorating delimma that we can't seem to master.  Help! , Other Spaces Design
Dead Deck, Boring Backyard, My dad built this deck about 5 years ago when we put an addition on to our house.  We love it, but I think it needs more.  My parents have a very traditional style.  The gazebo is a good place to sit and relax on nice days and cool nights.  The space is empty and drab and the backyard is just the same.  It's well manicured, but empty.  There is more than enough space for our family gatherings, but we can afford to devote more space to an outdoor space., Patios & Decks Design
Boring Outdoor Space, Desperately Boring Uncomfortable space
, Yards Design
living decor 101, Living room....I need some idea on color, I think it's too bland. , Living Rooms Design
"It's Like Boring Backyard Meets Dangerous Deck", Our new home came with a neglected backyard! Our koi pond has sprung a leak, and our wood deck is brittle, falling apart, and home to millions of fire ants. Thanks to a recent termite infestation, we have had to rip up  boards, leaving rusty nails exposed. Our dogs have even fallen through! It has a lot of potential, and could look gorgeous, especially with the lake view - please help us!, Yards Design
My crazy room, We have re-doing to do in this room.  Five years ago we built this house hoping to make a dream room for my husband and I. We have not yet done so.  Our old brown furnature makes the room boring and the stripped light bed makes the room look small.  The cat and dog hair fill the room.  We need something to fill my intertrest and this isnt it!, Bedrooms Design

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